When using the /embed/ prefix, Cookie bar, Help chatbot, and Recaptcha are hidden by default, no need for URL parameters anymore.

URLs for calculators are:


When embedding calculators on other people's websites, there's no need for using ?nonav parameter anymore (except for the Compare Calculator). Instead we have a special embed layout, which loads less resources, making the page load much faster.

When embedding calculators, use these URLs:

Example of embedding a calculator in an iframe:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="400"></iframe>

Want to customize colours? See the Calculator Colours Readme.

URL Presets

Stamp duty

Base URL:

Embed URL:

Possible URL attributes are:

propertyPrice: number
    isFirst: boolean
    region: 'England' | 'Scotland' | 'Wales' | 'Northern Ireland'
    isAdditional: boolean

Example attributes: ?propertyPrice=500000&isFirst=false